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Summer Enrichment Camp Series 2023

Lively Therapy Services strives to create a therapeutic space in a supportive environment, and that goal extends past our sessions! This year, we were able to host another successful year of summer enrichment camps for kiddos in the community. Over two dates this summer, clients and non-clients between the ages of 4 and 7 were invited to work on social skills, healthy eating, sportsmanship, and gross motor skills! Each camp date had different activities, goals, and fun snacks for our kids to try with peers in the same age range and with some of the goals!


When working on picky eating and healthy habits, we encourage preparation and processing skills as part of the procedure. The office created recipes, pre-cut the food needed, then advised the kids on sequencing, turn-taking, and sensory exploration with our fun snacks! Day one we made a DELICIOUS watermelon slushie sure to refresh everyone as they worked hard. Day two we brought back an old favorite, our tropical smoothie, which required precise listening, LOTS of turn taking, and exploration of a new food combination. We are so proud of our kids for trying new things and trying them with friends!

If you know Lively Therapy Services, you know we love gross motor function & different ways to explore it! In this case, we created specialized obstacle courses for our kids to enjoy, as well as carnival games to encourage working with peers to meet common goals: sharing, taking turns, and problem-solving! With several activities set up throughout the gym, we made sure to get all of our "sillies" out!

Our biggest hit this year, by far, was our fine motor area! The first day of camp we created a "plant your own flower" station, providing bio-degradable pots for kids to decorate, fill with soil, and plant their own pack of flowers. Our campers were so excited to have something to take home and take care of! The second day of camp was far more craft-based, creating bags of popcorn with cotton balls and creating fun curly hair on a clown using paint and small plastic cups.


Camp this year was incredibly rewarding for our kids, our therapists, and our volunteers. We got to experience firsthand a lot of the tactics we encourage during therapy sessions, but in action! We want to say thank you to everyone who helped make another successful year of camp, we truly could not have done it without you! Take a look below at some more of our photos from the past few weeks!

Disclaimer: Lively Therapy Services received written and verbal consent to post the photos of our staff, our campers, and our volunteers. All of these photos are property of Lively Therapy Services and may not be used without authorization from the business. Unauthorized use of these photos is strictly prohibited.

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