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Summer Enrichment Camp, July 15th.

As our Summer Enrichment Camp Program came to an end, we created a relaxed schedule and set of crafts for our campers to participate in for our last day. Our focus was fine-motor heavy, as we created crafts that would allow for miniscule movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists, while integrating cognitive processing. While one group of campers sat with their lifeguards and participated in a memory game, a paint craft, and a "find and color" craft page, our other groups enjoyed a gross motor obstacle course station, and a snack station, until it was time to move with the next rotation. Our cooking and snack station allowed for continued healthy eating but made it FUN! We created fruit pizzas (click here for the recipe and instructions) and encouraged the kids to try fruits in combinations they may not have before. The campers were allowed to get creative with their "pizzas" by decorating the toppings in whatever way, with however much fruit, they wanted to. Only crumbs were left by the end of this snack! As you can tell by the photos below, the way we documented was significantly different from how we have in the past. The kids were introduced to the film camera: disposable 27 photo cameras that require patience, focus, and improved hand skills to use. With the help of our lifeguards, our campers documented some of their favorite parts of camp with their new friends. You will find some photos from our lifeguards, as well! This is an activity that was fun for all involved, and we are SO EXCITED for how the photos turned out! We want to thank all who engaged in our Summer Enrichment Camps for their willingness to allow their kids to participate, socialize, and work on their skills outside of their typical sessions. As a group, we truly believe this was a series that heavily benefitted our kids with their skills in a way we can't necessarily gauge in our individual sessions. In addition, we would LOVE to hear your feedback on your child's reaction to our summer camps! If you have suggestions for our next ones, please feel free to comment below, message us on social media, or select the "contact" button on our homepage and share with us your thoughts! To stay up to date on any further camps, events, or changes in the clinic, subscribe to our newsletter by clicking: here!

Disclaimer: Lively Therapy Services, LLC received written and verbal consent to post the photos of our staff, our campers, and our volunteers. All of these photos are property of Lively Therapy Services, LLC and may not be used without authorization from the business. Unauthorized use of these photos is strictly prohibited.

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