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Centrally located in Cabarrus County, NC, our modern Occupational Therapy Clinic is able to serve Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Union, and Stanly Counties, and the surrounding areas. Our clinic provides personalized 1-on-1 attention in both our Fine and Gross Motor gym areas, using high quality tools and techniques to accomplish our client's personalized goals.

At Lively Therapy Services, LLC, we believe that our Occupational Therapy process can be explained in 3 simple, yet powerful, words:  Dream. Create. Grow.  While Therapy services will always start with a referral and an evaluation, we know that the pathway to therapy usually starts with a Dream. We want to know your goals, desires, and dreams for you, your child, and your family in order to customize the treatment goals and achieve success! Dreams will stay dreams however, until we Create a realistic, challenging, yet achievable treatment plan based on those goals. We will create a parent centered plan and discuss options that will ensure that both you and your child can Grow both in the clinic and at home between sessions.​

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