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Professional Development

Whether you are looking to continue your current career growth by expanding your knowledge with our upcoming specialized (yet affordable) Continuing Education classes 


You are looking to join the Therapy team and help our clients, and their wonderful families, to Dream, Create, and Grow in the pursuit of fulfilling their incredible potential


You are a current student or student coordinator in a credentialed Therapy education program looking to partner with us for Rotation placements


has something to offer everyone looking to continue their professional development. We believe our brand of Therapy has such a profound impact on our client's lives because we focus on the "Why" behind the "What, Where, When, and How" when approaching their goals and treatments, allowing our Therapists to uncover and address root causes with personalized treatment plans. 


Lively Therapy Services is always looking for talented and qualified therapy professionals!

Our caseload is constantly growing as more families find us and trust us to help their family members reach their full potential. We are constantly expanding our team to meet demands.

While we may not always be hiring, please feel free to submit your resumes and references using the button below and your information will be kept on file as positions become available.

Student Rotations

At Lively Therapy Services, we understand the importance of education and providing the next generation of therapists with opportunities to immerse themselves and learn from our talented team and diverse caseloads.

While we cannot accommodate every request, we welcome student coordinators of accredited OT, PT, and SLP programs to contact us and we would be happy to discuss any rotation options we may have available.

Thanks for submitting!

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