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Morgan Hudson


Say hello to Morgan! She recently graduated from Cabarrus College of Health Sciences with an Occupational Therapy Assistant degree. She knew from the moment she graduated high school that she wanted a job where she could work with children and see them reach their goals. She is so excited to start her journey here at Lively Therapy Services.

A few of her favorite things include spending time with her family and friends, spoiling her nephews and niece, going to the beach and going on an occasional run. She has always had a passion for working with kids, from growing up with younger cousins, babysitting, and working in the nursery at the YMCA, but now she is looking to bring those lifelong skills to new levels and help your children achieve new heights! There is no better feeling than seeing a child reach their goals in life and in their occupations.

In her own words: "Why do I want to work with kids? It’s the the look on their face and the excitement they show after learning a new skill and reaching a goal. Kids have a way of making each day special and exciting!"

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