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Evie Blacka


Evie earned her degree as a COTA from Central Piedmont Community College in 2020. She went to East Tennessee State University for my Undergrad in Exercise and Sport Science and graduated from there in 2016. Evie worked as a COTA for 1 year in pediatric home health prior to joining Lively, which has allowed her to become very creative, client centered and have a huge heart for working with kids! She says "nothing feels better than walking in and hearing a child scream 'MISS EVIE!'"

Evie got into the field of Occupational Therapy because she has an older brother with high functioning Autism and had a close peer tell her "you should look into OT, you are so patient with your brother!" and so began her journey to become an Occupational therapy practitioner. Evie has worked very closely with Autism ever since and has also expanded my knowledge to many different diagnoses while working in the field! As of August 2023, Evie has begun her journey to further her knowledge and decided to go back to school to become a licensed Occupational Therapist.


When she's not working, you can find her either hiking, kayaking, roller skating, skiing, at the gym and running 5Ks! She also loves visiting her hometown in the mountains to see family whenever she can and is always down for a trip to the beach.

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