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Cheyenne Nielsen

Office & Marketing Manager

Cheyenne made the transition from customer service-oriented roles in previous jobs to office manager for Lively Therapy in May of 2022. This knowledge from and history in multiple industries, namely retail, paired with her love for projects (work related or otherwise!) made the decision for her to be in this position an easy one. She, like the rest of the group at Lively Therapy, has a passion to help and thrives on being a support to those who need it. Cheyenne comes from a big family, so being the oldest child of 4 siblings and the oldest of 13 cousins, her ability to encourage, problem-solve, and think under pressure comes naturally.  


In her free time, Cheyenne enjoys creating in multiple forms of art, writing, attending concerts & sports events, and exercising, ESPECIALLY if it’s outdoors! She likes spending time on social media and uses it as an inspiration to create, in addition to finding it an exciting way to connect with others. You will not often find her without one of the following: her water bottle, a notebook, or a piece of gum.

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