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Alyssa Genova


Alyssa received her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology degree from East Carolina University in 2017. She then went on to receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from South College based in Knoxville, graduating in December of 2021. Alyssa has always had a passion for working with kids, seeking out clinical opportunities in pediatrics. She has experience working with following diagnoses: toe walking, in-toeing, torticollis and plagiocephaly, hypoplastic heart syndrome, autism, developmental delays, gross motor delays, and agenesis of the corpus collosum. While Alyssa enjoys working with children of all ages, she has a special passion for working with the infant population. 


When she is not at work, Alyssa enjoys spending time with her dog, Nala, and her nieces and nephews. Alyssa loves being outdoors during the fall weather whether it be camping, kayaking, going on walks, or attending football games. She is thrilled to be joining the therapy team at Lively!

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